How to Sign Up your Restaurant ( Memebrship)

 How to Sign Up your Restaurant ( Memebrship)

Step 1. Click on the link and go top and click on Restaurant Sign up.

Step 2. Click on the Membership
Step 3. Please select a suitable package then click on sign up.

Step 4. Fill up the required filed 
  • Restaurant Name = Your restaurant name
  • Restaurant Phone = Your restaurant contact number
  • Contact Name = Your Name
  • Contact Phone = Your mobile number
  • Contact Email = Your email address
  • Street Address = Your location
  • City = Your zone of your location.
  • Postal code/zip code = Your Postal code/zip code (Nepal is 44600)

  • Country = Your country name
  • State/ Region =  Your region of your location
  • Cuisine = As per your preference
  • Service Pick up & Delivery = Only Delivery

Login Information

Username   = Your Email Address

Password     = Your password

Confirm Password = Re- confirm the password


Step 5.Click I Agree To The Terms & Conditions and click on next.


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