How to sign up as Mercent (Restaurant owner) to use Opasa service

                              How to login/Sign Up

Step 1. Click on the link and go to top left corner and click on login/ Signup                                                                                                                                                                                              

Step 2. To Sign up your restaurant  fill up the box as shown in the example.

            - First Name:As Your First Name.
            - Last Name: As Your Last Name.
            - Contact no: Your valid mobile number.
            - Email Address: Your Email Address.
            - Password:Your Password.
            - Confirm Password: Re- confirm the password.
            - Click on the I’m not robot.
            - Click on Create Account.

Step 3. After creating your account, login:  please enter your created account.

Step 4. Click in the log in and your account will be successfully opened.






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