How to Add Food Item

 How to Add Food Item

Step 1.Click on the link , login by your user name then go to food item and click in add new bottom as shown in the image 



Step 2. – Fill in the box as shown in the example below.

  1. Food Item Name – Type your food Item (For example- baked goods, dairy product)
  2. Description – Enter the full description of your food item.
  3. Status – Choose from the option.
  4. Featured Image – Click on browse and add image.
  5. Gallery Image – Click on browse then simply select from your gallery.
  6. Food Category -It can be different with you cuisines of restaurant. 

Simply select a size from the option and mention the prize as per your food item and also mention about the discount if available.



  • Cooking Reference
  1. Tick on the box if non-taxable
  • Points earned

  1.  You can add points to the dish if anyone orders it,it can be different  depends on your food iteam.

  • Packaging Wise
  1. Enter the amount of accusing fee.

Step 3. Click on the save to add food item.

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