How to Sign up as Driver


                    How to Sign up as Driver


Step 1. Click on the link and go to top left corner and click on Driver Sign up.

Step 2.  Fill up the box as shown in the image

  1. First Name = Your First Name
  2. Last Name = Your Last Name
  3. Email Address = Your valid Email address                             
  4. Phone = Your contact number
  5. Username = Your Username
  6. Password = Your password
  7. Confirm Password = Reinsert the password
  8. Transportation = Scrool down and choose type of your vehical.For example Bike,Car Truck etc.
  9. Transportation Description (Year, Model) = As per your vehicle
  10. License Plate = Your vehicle Number
  11. Color = Put your vehicle color

Step 5. Click on submit then you have successfully created your account.


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